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We are not here to flatter egotism, or prop up humbug; we are merely telling the [queer] story. We value what is good in the book; but we believe in the existence of other, and more vivid kinds of goodness.

Helen, played by Meghan Frank,
dies in the arms of Jane Eyre
(Lindsey Pierce).

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Our first full production under the Grapefruit Lab name (collaborating with Teacup Gorilla) was a huge success. thanks to our wonderful ensemble:

Friday & Saturday shows featured opening acts by lovely local musicians…

Glow of a lamp on Jane (Lindsey Pierce) reading,
curled up in an arm chair.
Mrs Reed (Meghan Frank) with arms out wide,
looking stern in front of the band
and a projection of flying bird silhouettes.
Jane hiding behind the arm chair.
Jane's concerned face
in a red glow,
projected from her hiding place
onto a screen behind the band.
Mrs. Reed and Currer Bell (Julie Rada)
drag Jane away.
Silhouette behind a paper screen,
Jane offers her arm to Mr. Rochester (Frank)
who is on the ground.
Jane and Helen share
an ambiguous and innocent kiss.
Helen dies in Jane's arms,
as Jane delicately touches her face.
Jane and Currer Bell
stand over Helen's body,
placing a flower in her hands.
Miriam as narrator Jane on bass,
Dan and Josie on guitar,
and Dameon singing.
Behind them, the silhouette of a tree.
Mr Rochester disguised as a fortune teller,
with her hand on Jane's face.
Behind them, the projection says
Thornfield Hall, fortune teller & biting attack.
Close up, Jane blows out a candle.
Mrs. Rochester crawling,
wrapped in thule.
Jane reads a letter,
standing next to a disgusted Mrs Reed.
Behind them and the band, a projection reads
Gateshead Hall, forgiveness & death.
Jane carrying flowers,
arm-in-arm with Mr Rochester.
Behind them, a tree silhouette split down the middle.
Jane and Diana reading together,
as Saint John River looks left out
behind them.
Close up,
Jane and Diana kiss.
Dim red light
as Mrs Rochester (Rada) crawls along the floor
leaving a destruction of books and paper.
The band is dimly visible behind her.
The entire ensemble looking sternly at the camera,
in black and white.
Dameon, Dan, Sondra, and Josie across the back,
with Lindsey, Miriam, Julue, and Meghan in front.
Lindsey's shirt says I am no bird.
Miriam's says No net ensnares me.
The projection behind them says
Jane/Eyre, Grapefruit Lab & Teacup Gorilla.
Dense fog and red lights
as Mrs Rochester stands on stage
tearing books & throwing pages,
lit from behind.
Jane stands in the destruction
over a kneeling and blinded Mr Rochester.
A projection says Thornfield Ruin, problematic...
Shot over Jane's shoulder,
talking to Narrator Jane (Miriam) on stage.
Projection says The End (sic).
production photos, 2018

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