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TBD @ Modern Web Summit

| talk | Online

The conference has been announced, but not the talk! Check back for details.

Dynamic CSS @

| talk | Hong Kong

Don’t let the declarative syntax fool you – CSS is a powerful and dynamic programming language.


| talk | Amsterdam, NL

The conference has been announced, but not the talk! Check back for details.


Dissecting CSS Conventions @ An Event Apart Fall Summit

| talk | Online

How do we write code that is modular & maintainable, in a language designed to be systematic & contextual?

When Variables Cascade @ SmashingConf Austin/NY

| talk | Online

The Cascade makes CSS unique – forcing us to revisit even the most common programming feature: the variable.

CSS is Rad @ Design 4 Drupal Webinar Series

| talk | Online

The web is designed to work across platforms, devices, languages, and interfaces – but how can we possibly design for that unknown and always-changing canvas?

CSS is Rad @ SmashingConf Live

| talk | Online

Cascade Aligned Programming @ Front Range Front End

| talk | Online

From the very start, “web design” has posed a nearly impossible paradox.

Custom Property “Stacks"CSS Tricks

| article

CSS Custom Properties allow us to manage and control both cascade and inheritance in new ways.

Resilient Web Systems @ Smashing Workshops

| workshop | Online

From building beautiful sites to maintaining complex design systems across multiple applications, CSS is the web-language of design.

Design Systems AMA @ Jina Anne

| podcast

Jina and I answer questions about CSS, Sass, Design Systems, and more!

Authoring the future of CSS @ Party Corgi

| podcast

A spinoff of the Party Corgi Network discord. I chat with Chris Biscardi about The CSS Working Group, open-source projects, art, and music.


| film

I wrote this at the start of the Iraq war (2003), and later made the short film. It’s been on my mind again during COVID-19 isolation.

Alcohol affects the frontal cortex @ Sommer Browning

| film

Sommer asked people to record themselves reading a poem from her collection, Backup Singers. I put together this video of the poem Alcohol affects the frontal cortex.


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