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I’m Miriam. I make art & software that celebrate the queer complexity of human experience.

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Live Q&A with Miriam @ Front-end Development, South Africa

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I’ve spent nearly two decades learning, teaching, and writing CSS – as a founder at OddBird, a member of the Sass core team, and an Invited Expert on the CSS Working Group.

Container Queries Explainer & ProposalCSSWG

| article

Media-queries allow an author to make style changes based on the overall viewport dimensions – but in many cases, authors would prefer styling modular components based on their context within a layout.

Container Queries & The Future of CSS @ Web Directions, Hover

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New CSS proposals like Container Queries, Cascade Layers, Scoped Styles, and Nesting are all aimed at improving the way we write responsive components and design systems.

Beyond CSS Variables @ An Event Apart Spring Summit

| talk | Online

CSS Custom Properties (aka Cascading Variables) have gained broad browser support since 2015 – but what are they good for, and why do we need them?


CSS, Sass, and Playwriting @ Enjoy The Vue

| podcast

I join Ari, Ben, and Tessa to talk about getting into CSS from other languages, the absurdly massive problem CSS is designed to solve, and the mental model behind the language.

Open CSS Notebook @ css.oddbird.net

| code

As I spend more of my time working on the CSS language, I wanted a place to take notes and explore new ideas in the open.

Dissecting CSS Conventions @ An Event Apart Fall Summit

| talk | Online

How do we write code that is modular & maintainable, in a language designed to be systematic & contextual?

When Variables Cascade @ SmashingConf Austin/NY

| talk | Online

The Cascade makes CSS unique – forcing us to revisit even the most common programming feature: the variable.

CSS is Rad @ Design 4 Drupal Webinar Series

| talk | Online

The web is designed to work across platforms, devices, languages, and interfaces – but how can we possibly design for that unknown and always-changing canvas?

CSS is Rad @ SmashingConf Live

| talk | Online

Cascade Aligned Programming @ Front Range Front End

| talk | Online

From the very start, “web design” has posed a nearly impossible paradox.

Dynamic CSS @ Shift Remote

| talk | Online

Don’t let the declarative syntax fool you – CSS is a powerful and dynamic programming language.

Custom Property “Stacks"CSS Tricks

| article

CSS Custom Properties allow us to manage and control both cascade and inheritance in new ways.

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