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Miriam Suzanne » towards a queer world

Miriam is unavailable to attend this rendering of her website, and sends her deepest regrets. In the meantime, the role of digital-Miriam will be played by an understudy. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Recent content

No Demo [Website] Reno

I want to re-think the front-end of my site, without too much change to the (Eleventy/Markdown) content that drives it. And I want to do it slowly.

Not All Zeros are Equal


There’s a well-established ‘best practice’ that CSS authors (as well as linters and minifiers) should remove units from any 0 value. It’s a fine rule in most cases, but there are a few common situations where it will break your code.

2 Days of Cordwainery

@ Colorado Shoe School

Erin and I spent a couple days last week at the Colorado Shoe School in Bellvue, CO – learning, designing, and making our own sneakers. Yes, actual sneakers, fit for wearing, and built from scratch. Only the soles come pre-formed out of recycled plastic.

Body Margin 8px

All browsers add an 8px margin on the body element – it’s part of the w3c-recommended default stylesheet which browsers generally use as a starting point for their own ‘user agent’ styles. But why 8px? Where does that come from?

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