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The Better Selfs

» band

A Denver-based rock/punk/Americana band featuring members of Teacup Gorilla, Altas, PEZZ, Rat Bites, and Out on Bail.

W3C CSS Working Group

since March 2020 » open source

I was invited to join the CSS Working Group to help develop the next level of Cascading & Inheritance – along with Container Queries, CSS scoping, and more.

Mozilla Developer Channel

» contract

I’ve been working with Mozilla to help create a new resource for web professionals – with a mix of videos, articles, demos, and open source tools.

Ersatz Robots

» band

Trans-femme 90’s-alt sad-girl rock


since July 2017 » open source

Sass is the most mature, stable, and powerful professional grade CSS extension language in the world.

CSS Tricks

» contract

Blog for people who make websites

Raven Jane

» band

For a few years, Teacup Gorilla performed & recorded music with Rachel Eisenstat – initially as Iron City, and later as Raven Jane.

Teacup Gorilla

since March 2010 » band

If you’re gonna dance for war, you’re gonna dance for sure. And if you’re gonna dance for peace, you will never cease.

Grapefruit Lab

since August 2009 » theater

Grapefruit is a hybrid of lemon and orange. Snow is hybrid of wish and lament.

—Yoko Ono

The LIDA Project

» theater

Founded in 1995, The LIDA Project is a meta-media art collective dedicated to experimental live performance.


since April 2008 » web agency

I co-founded OddBird with my brothers in 2008 to create scalable, accessible, and performant web applications with a human-centered design.

Countdown to Zero

» theater

Countdown to Zero is a political theatre collective established in 2007 by Brian Freeland & Julie Rada. The collective has committed to a series of 10 theatrical works (10 counting down to zero) at which time the collective will disband.

Dirt Circle Dogs

» band

Blues-inflected bright/dark music

New World Arts

» theater

Founded in 1998 as New World Players, we produced original & alternative ensemble theater for over a decade – along with an art gallery and event space.