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Someone once told me that the CSS specifications are (no offense) a bit liberal arts. That’s a feature, not a bug. The humanities belong everywhere humans are involved.

Everything 'Spec'

CSS State Toggles [WIP]

» spec

An early proposal for creating declarative state controls in CSS, and styling elements based on the current state.

CSS Containment 3 (Container Queries)

» spec

CSS Containment Level 3 defines Container Queries and container-relative units – allowing authors to build more intrinsic responsive components without knowledge of the overall layout.

CSS Cascade 6 (Scope)

» spec

Cascade & Inheritance Level 6 defines scoped styles – allowing authors to provide bounded ranges for selector-matching, and give priority to more ‘proximate’ scope origins.

CSS Cascade 5 (Layers)

» spec

Cascade & Inheritance Level 5 defines Cascade Layers – allowing authors to define explicit contained layers of specificity.